Tsubasa Road To 2002

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Dated Released : –
Quality : VCDRip
Volume : 26 (Tamat)
Bahasa/Dubbing : Indonesia
Size : 200MB/Volume
Format : MP4

Tsubasa is a schoolboy who has just moved from the city to Nankatsu. He wants to play football and be the best player. When entering into a new school, he went straight to the football club at the school. Captain club is Ishizaki. They then practice on the field, but plagued by other clubs led by Genzo Wakabayashi. They then compete, if Nankatsu could make only one goal, then they allowed to use the field for practice. Initially, Nankatsu always conceded and play half court. When one of the players injured, Tsubasa was asked to be the defender.
He runs a good job. When the game is almost finished, unexpectedly Tsubasa managed to get the ball into the goal and menceploskannya. Under the agreement, Wakabayashi will not bother them again. So began the adventures of Tsubasa to be the best in the world.

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