Whirlwind Girl 2

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Dated Released : 2016-07-20 to 2016-09-01
Quality : 720p HDTV | www.WadahFilm.com
Info : viki.com/tv/30397c-whirlwind-girl-2
Rating : 9.5 (217 users)
Episode : 28
Star : Ji Chang Wook, An Yue Xi, Leo Wu, Chen Xiang
Genre : Romance. Sport
Network : Hunan TV (china)
Status : On Going



Synopsis Whirlwind Girl 2 :

Can a young woman regain her passion for martial arts? Qi Bai Cao (An Yue Xi) was adopted and raised by a taekwondo master after a childhood fire killed her parents. After losing her beloved mentor and a national competition ends badly, Bai Cao loses her motivation to continue training and competing. But by chance, Bai Cao meets Chang An (Ji Chang Wook), a mysterious man who decides to take her under his wings and train again to compete. Chang An is the toughest instructor and pushes Bai Cao like she’s never been pushed before, only because he knows that she has the potential to do well. Fang Ting Hao (Chen Xiang), who develops feelings for Bai Cao, trains to capture not only the national title but also Bai Cao’s heart. Can Bai Cao find the courage to compete again? “Whirlwind Girl 2” is a 2016 Chinese drama series directed by Zhi Chao. It is the second season to “Whirlwind Girl,” which originally aired in 2015. The series also is known as “Tornado Girl” and “Tae Kwon Do Girl” and is based on a novel by Ming Xiao Xi.

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